Sunday, August 19, 2007

Born Again Alice?


Who knew? Alice Cooper is a born-again xtian setting up a center for troubled youth in the southwest.

It seems like only yesterday my fundy church was warning me about him. Apparently his transformation happened some sixteen years ago. On his latest effort, he says (from the second link),
"We are overtly Christian," he says, "but we're not going to beat you over the head with a Bible." I hope he's true to that. I could live with such fundamentalist xtians.

The land for the center has been donated by for-profit Christian University Grand Canyon University. Also, Jerry Colangelo, former owner of the Arizona Suns, is on the advisory board of Cooper's Solid Rock charity. I can't find much controversy around Cooper's charity. But, it might be a good sign that the AFA frowns on Colangelo for his organization's canceling of an anti-LGBT Church Night and for advertising to LGBT communities.

I see that some other branches of the fundy forces aren't so in love with their boa toting brother in Christ. LOL.