Friday, July 13, 2007

Sweet Friday

It's Friday! I am so beat. Every day this week has been beyond busy. I was too busy to get my comics this week.

I'm working on good stuff, but I'm pretty tired. This weekend I need to complete some volunteer work and do some serious studying.

Some cool sites I've found recently:
A fully adorned Yak.

Budget travel for 94 cities around the world.

Lindsey Landis has published a very readable guide to using a digital camera and Photoshop to make professional looking photos.

Ivar Peterson presents evidence from algebraic and geometric optics inspired models supporting that, yes, as you suspected, the American method of lacing shoes utilizes the shortest laces.

And finally, I give you, Mail Order Husbands. It even has a compatibility test that pairs you with an ideal husband. The site seems hetero specific, but I'd bet the featured guys aren't too picky. (PS. Not sure how work friendly this joke site is. I didn't see anything explicit, but you never know what the gods of the filter might tag.)