Saturday, July 07, 2007

Deadly Iraq

Why did we invade Iraq? Why are we still there?

Six more troops were killed Friday. That makes ten on Thursday and Friday and twenty-three for July, so far. Forty-eight Iraqis were killed by suicide bombings on Friday and twenty-five people were killed by a car bomb today.

All that death is very depressing and, contrary to the spin of right-wing pundits, very real. Think mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers gone forever. People aren't collateral damage. It's real death that's a direct consequence of lies - though plenty of people were calling them lies, our politicians were, and some still are, too frightened to confront a Bush inflated from taking advantage of 9-11 deaths - told by over-privileged, self-proclaimed philosopher kings living in castles, castles off limits to the people they'd casually sacrifice for a contracting treasure quest.

If you're so inclined, look up your representatives and politely ask them why we're still there.