Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thompson Shows with McCain in Poll

Thompson makes a showing in an AP-Ipsos Poll. And christ, they're already calling him Reaganesque:
Thompson, who has sandwiched an acting career around a largely anonymous eight years as a Tennessee senator, has impressed many despite not yet formally entering the 2008 race. One in four of his supporters cite his strong character, more than any other GOP candidate.

"He can be kind of Reaganesque in his engaging with people," said Ronald Coppinger, 47, a carpenter from Indianapolis, describing a plain-spoken style like the late President Reagan's.

That has helped inject Thompson firmly into the top tier among GOP contenders in the AP-Ipsos poll, released Saturday. It shows former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani with 27 percent; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., at 19 percent; Thompson essentially even with McCain at 17 percent; and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 10 percent.

If you vote for someone based on how much you'd like to have a beer with them or how much you identify with their masculine demeanor (yes, I'm talking to you Roger Simon), well, I hate to say it (really, I do), but you're thinking like an idiot.

Get to know Fred Thompson. He's a gem.

Here he argues that the massacre at Virginia Tech could have been prevented if people had been carrying their own guns. Yes, Fred, that works out well in places like Lebanon and Iraq. Very smart.

Here he is on Iraq in an interview with Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: What would you do now in Iraq?

THOMPSON: I would do essentially what the president's doing. I know it's not popular right now, but I think we have to look down the road and consider the consequences of where we are.

Thompson on Roe vs. Wade (or here):

"Roe vs. Wade was bad law and bad medical science."

Thompson has also voted against ending workplace discrimination for LGBT people and for DOMA.

Unless you're a straight, white, male, and affluent (net roughly >$150K/yr), the man is bad news.