Sunday, June 03, 2007

Not Too Much Attention

Tim's wondering why the plot on JFK hasn't been getting much attention in the blogosphere. My guess would be that it's because it was a plot on par with the plan of a group in Miami to take down the Sears Towers, the plot of pizza men who planned to attack Fort Dix, and the plot to take out the Brooklyn Bridge with blowtorches and then get away in an ultralight. (The Brooklyn Bridge plan was abandoned when one of the plotters determined the weather was too hot.)

So, people on the left likely see just another hyped three-stooges style terror attempt that's not worth much attention (beyond, you know, the fact that we're sacrificing our civil liberties in the name of security and the best that it's getting us is pizza delivery men).

The right knows that if they trumpet this too loudly, they'll be embarrassed when the buffoonery in the plot details is posted on every left-leaning site. Then again, that fear never stopped Drudge from doctoring photos or, in general, the wankosphere from wanking. So, I guess I don't know why the right isn't all over this.

Ah, I see they are all over it (PJ media and a righty who sees himself as a pirate or something - you can find the links for yourself). The wankering never ends.

Oh and to be sure, the plot on JFK was born in the minds of stooges:

In an indictment, one of them is quoted as saying the bombing would "cause greater destruction than in the Sept. 11 attacks."

Although the plotters put a great deal of time and travel into their plan, they never managed to obtain any explosives before authorities arrested Defreitas and foiled the JFK scheme. Experts said the plot could have resulted in damage and fires, but nothing on the scale that the defendants had envisioned.

PostBlog: I am watching the CW11 News at 10 now (@~10pm). A neighbor of the 63-year-old American member of the JFK plotters is saying that the plotter is a drifter and would probably be glad to talk about terrorism if it meant a free lunch.