Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Gay Pride

Happy Pride month. The big events in NYC are listed here. The Community Center's calendar has more events. Why not do something to educate yourself or someone else about LGBT people? PFLAG is great if you're a friend or family. These sites (1, 2) have some historical information on the Stonewall riots. For news, there's always

Also, congratulations to David Hyde Pierce on coming out of the closet. Yes, it would have been cool had he be open years ago. But, coming late to the party doesn't have to mean the denial of a welcome. He's a famous actor and, like Amaechi, might be able to do some good, educating people and helping raise funds.

His road will be smoother than that of a kid coming out to fundamentalist parents.
Pierce will find a welcoming community with arms outstretched. I hope he uses his high profile to help less fortunate LGBT people. The article linked above ends with a list of his past charitable activities. That's a good sign and, again, I hope the list grows to include LGBT organizations.

Ugh, that reads like a back handed welcome to Pierce and that's not my intention. I was glad to see the headline. I said to myself, "oh, that's cool. I always liked watching his stuff." Apologies for my inability to sound more upbeat on a rushed morning.

Finally, it's Friday. This has been the longest short week ever. Tons of work got done, but I am beat.