Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Dump

It's Friday of a very, very long but interesting week. I haven't been able to post much here, but I wanted to share some adorable photos sites I saw tossed around this week:

I can has cheezburger?

The Daily Puppy?

Oh, and I haven't read the full article in Nature yet (I can't seem to access my subscription from home), but Science has a nice on-line summary about potassium niobate nanowires that have the potential to pierce cells and act like nano-flashlights (think of the light on an endoscope, but at a cellular level).

There are a few tricks used to break Abbe's limit in light-microscopy, but they aren't very friendly to living cells. These nanowires have the potential to act as mini-biosensors. Very interesting.

I'm also in the process of apartment hunting in NYC again. Not fun. But, we're keeping a list of brokers and management companies. I have a few things to blog about already. Brokers are a desperate and sketchy bunch.

Also, last night, in the Gristedes at 65th St. and 1st Ave., I pointed out some very moldy strawberries to the store manager. He happened to walk by as I was picking out peaches. Right in front of me, while frowning at me, he picked up the container of strawberries and placed them behind the other containers of strawberries. Yum!

Off to the lab.