Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good for Colorado

Colorado will soon be protecting its LGBT citizens from workplace discrimination:

(Denver, Colorado) Legislation making it illegal to discriminate in the workplace on the basis of sexuality has been sent to the desk of Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter. The governor has already said he will put his name to the bill.
Check out part of the debate before the law was sent to the governor for signing. People wanting to freely discriminate are a scary, hate-filled crew:

Colorado law already bars discrimination in hiring, firing or in demotions or promotions based on race, age or disability. Republicans attempted to weaken the new bid to pass the legislation by proposing a long list of categories to be covered. All of the amendments were defeated.

Some of those proposed amendment sparked heated debate when the bill was before the
House last month.

Rep. Ray Rose (R) proposed an amendment that would bar discrimination based on weight, body shape, height, hair and eye color. Fellow Republican Marsha Looper stood up and mockingly said that she frequently is subject of blonde jokes.

Denver Democrat Terrance Carroll, who is African American left to the floor accusing Republicans of trivializing discrimination against minorities.

Two more Republicans came to Looper's defense.

Rep. Bob Gardner said it was Carroll who was being trivial. He said studies have shown that tall people are more likely to get jobs, and Rep. Debbie Stafford claimed that obese people are less likely to get hired.

"There’s never been anyone lynched because of their height in this nation," Carroll shot back.