Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Give Me Your Tired, Give Me Your Poor

Yeah right. That America is long gone. In its place is this America:

There are some truly startling figures out about how much money it costs a family of four to live a middle class lifestyle in New York City.

The costs, according to the figures, is between $75 and $135,000 dollars a year. Those numbers are way above the national average. ...

In fact, while the median family income here is just over $49,000 dollars a year, those surveyed said it actually takes $75 to 135,000 dollars a year for a family of four to live a middle class standard of living.

Scroll through some of the apartment listings on Craigslist or the New York Times. Show me where the affordable apartments for someone making $49,000 a year are. They aren't in Manhattan. You aren't likely to find any in well policed neighborhoods with good public schools. There is no good living here for median earning working families.