Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dog Stuff

Last night we went to see The Year of the Dog. It's a great movie. Molly Shannon is amazing as a tired soul discovering what she really cares about. The dogs are amazing too; some of the dog/actor shots are extremely clever and heartwarming. I don't think the movie is in wide release yet, but if you get a chance to see it, do so. If you're an animal lover, this is a movie to add to your collection.

BTW, the link above is to an IMDB page. I'd ignore that rating. IMDB tends to be dominated by fanboys. I wouldn't expect fanboys to like this movie. It has nothing blowing up and no gun-toting, impossibly proportioned girls in wet belly-shirts splayed across cars. I link to IMDB because it has a good layout, tons or information, and less adds than the movie's Rotten Tomatoes page.