Monday, March 26, 2007

Gonzales and What America Wants

Counsel to Gonzales and White House Liaison, Monica Goodling, is going to take the 5th:

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' liaison with the White House will refuse to answer questions at upcoming Senate hearings about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, citing her Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination, her lawyer said Monday.

"I have decided to follow my lawyer's advice and respectfully invoke my constitutional right," Monica Goodling, Gonzales' counsel and White House liaison, said in a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Atrios reminds us of a poll taken this weekend clearly revealing that silence is not what America wants:
And then we have this USAToday poll, taken over the weekend (exactly when Stengel and his colleagues were warning Democrats that Americans would be angry if they pursued Karl Rove):

14. Do you think Congress should -- or should not --investigate the involvement of White House officials in this matter?
Yes, should - 72%; No, should not - 21%

15. If Congress investigates these dismissals, in your
view, should President Bush and his aides -- [ROTATED: invoke "executive privilege" to protect the White House decision making process (or should they) drop the claim of executive privilege and answer all questions being investigated]?
Invoke executive privilege - 26%; Answer all questions - 68%

16. In this matter, do you think Congress should or should not issue subpoenas to force White House officials to testify under oath about this matter?
Yes, should - 68%; No, should not - 24%