Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Young Yellow Elephants
Stuart alterted me to the NYU College Republican's "Find the Illegal Immigrant" game. Shouldn't these kids be busy training to go to Iraq after college or enrolling in ROTC so they can, you know, actually go guard the border or something? (Operation Yellow Elephant is there to help them.) Feministe has more:
It’s fairly clear that although the NYU College Republicans attend a pretty good university, they can’t be bothered to actually do their research on illegal immigration in New York — you know, the place where we’ll all be huntin’ illegals. Because in this state, Mexicans make up just 2% of the illegal immigrant population. The most illegal immigrants come from Italy, Ecuador and Poland. In neighboring New Jersey, it’s Portugal, Poland and Italy.
But the CRs are totally, completely not racist at all. It must be a simple coincidence that their Facebook event page only references those dirty wetbacks Mexican illegals who are stealing the jobs NYU graduates would otherwise be scrambling for.

Stuart adds:
It's probably more challenging than playing find the repressed closet case who couldn't get in to Columbia!