Wednesday, January 24, 2007

And They Say the Police in Egypt are Bad
This is disgusting and reality in our U.S. of A.:
(Jackson, Mississippi) Two Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents, who were forced to resign after pleading guilty to beating two gay men in 2004 have been sentenced to house arrest.
John Forman and Greg Reynolds pleaded guilty to violating the civil rights of James Buitt and Michael Mathis last year.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Paige Fitzgerald, who was brought in from Washington to prosecute the case had urged Judge James C. Sumner to sentence the pair to a year each in prison.

Sumner disregarded the advice and sentenced Reynolds to 30 days in jail and 11 months of home incarceration. Forman received one year of probation and placed on 12 months of home confinement.
"I know the sentences do not suit the Department of Justice and the victims," Sumner said adding that he was satisfied with a plea agreement under which the men resigned the MBN and agreed not to seek or accept any law enforcement position for 18 months after sentencing.

Buitt and Mathis were stopped by the then officers Aug. 29, 2004 in a parking lot near a gay bar. They were pulled from their truck and called derogatory names and then beaten.
Buitt received a broken nose and a spiral fracture to his arm. Mathis got a broken hand in the assault.

Forman and Reynolds followed the victims to the hospital where they confronted them, and tried to get them to agree that they would not file a complaint against them if they would not charge Buitt with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Buitt ordered the agents to leave, and accordingly, Reynolds and Forman filed a DUI charge against him. Forman later testified falsely against the Buitt in Hinds County Justice Court in relation to the DUI charge.

The offenses against Buitt were later dismissed in court. Following that the federal civil rights charges were laid by the US Attorney's department.

So, in 18 months these pigs could be back in action. Nice. And where are the pictures of these guys? I can only find this poor quality one of Reynolds: